Name Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul
ตำแหน่งทางวิชาการ อาจารย์
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0-2986-9213-9 ต่อ 7265
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ผลงานวิจัย (9 เรื่อง)
1.Thueng-in K, Thanongsaksrikul J, Srimanote P, Bangphoomi K, Poungpair O, et al. Polymerase (NS5B) of HCV. PLoS ONE 7(11): e49254. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0049254
2.Pissawong T, aneewatch S, Thueng-in K, Srimanote P, Dong-din-on F, Thanongsaksrikul J, et al. Human monoclonal ScFv that bind to different functional domains of M2 and inhibit H5N1 influenza virus replication. Virology Journal 2013; 10: 148. doi:10.1186/1743-422X-10-148
3.Phalaphol A, Thueng-in K, Thanongsaksrikul J, et al. Humanized-VH/VHH that inhibit HCV replication by interfering with the virus helicase activity. J Virol Methods. 2013; 194(1-2): 289-299. doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2013.08.032.
4.Chulanetra M, Bangphoomi K, Sookrung N, Thanongsaksrikul J, Srimanote P, Sakolvarvaree Y, Choowongkomon K, Chaicumpa W. Human ScFv that block sodium ion channel activity of tetrodotoxin. Toxicon 2012; 59: 272–282.
5.Chavanayarn C, Thanongsaksrikul J, Thueng-in K, Bangphoomi K, Sookrung N, Chaicumpa W. Humanized-single domain antibodies (VH/VHH) that bound specifically to Naja kaouthia phospholipase A2 and neutralized the enzymatic activity. Toxins 2012; 4: 554-567.
6.Thanongsaksrikul J, Chaicumpa W. Botulinum neurotoxins and botulism: A novel therapeutic approach. Toxins 2011; 3: 469-488.
7.Chulanetra M, Sookrung N, Srimanote P, Indrawattana N, Thanongsaksrikul J, Sakolvaree Y, Chongsa-Nguan M, Kurazono H, Chaicumpa W. Toxic marine puffer fish in Thailand seas and tetrodotoxin they contained. Toxins 2011; 3: 1249-1262.
8.2. Thanongsaksrikul J, Srimanote P, Maneewatch S, Coowongkomon K, Tapchaisri P, Makino S, Kurazono H, Chaicumpa W. A VHH that neutralizes the zinc-metalloproteinase activity of botulinum neurotoxin type A. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2010; 285: 9657-9666
9.1. Maneewach S, Thanongsaksrikul J, Songserm T, Thueng-In K, Kulkeaw K, Thathaisong U, Srimanote P, Tongtawe P, Tapchaisri P, Chaicumpa W. Human single-chain antibodies that neutralize homologous and heterologous strains and clades of influenza A virus. Antiviral Therapy 2009; 14: 221-230
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