Curriculum             Bachelor of Science (Medical Technology)


1.       Number of credits required for the program 142 credits

2.       Curriculum structure

1)       General Education courses                                                   30     credits

2)       Specialized courses                                                             106      credits

-                    Fundamental science  and mathematics   courses             22          credits

-                    Fundamental health science courses                                    13           credits

-                    Major courses                                                                              65           credits

-                    selected  the other faculty courses                                          6          credits


3)       Elective subjects                                                                         6      credits

3.       Course

General Education courses part I

Subjects                                                                                     Credits

                                                                                                 (Lecture-Lab-Self study)

Humanity               command 1 subject 3 credits

                                TU110 Integrated Humanities                                                                          3 (3-0-6)


Social science     command 1 subject 3 credits

                                TU120 Integrated Social Sciences                                                                 3 (3-0-6)

Sciences and Mathematics

 Sciences              command 1 subject 3 credits

                TU130 Integrated Sciences and Technology                                              3 (3-0-6)

Mathematics or Computer                 selection of studying for 1 subject 3 credits from

                TU152 Fundamental Mathematics                                                                  3 (3-0-6)

TU153 General Concept of Computer                                                           3 (3-0-6)

                                TU154 Foundation of Mathematics                                                                 3 (3-0-6)

TU156 Introduction to Computers and Programming                                                3 (3-0-6)


                        TH161 Thai Usage                                                                                             3 (3-0-6)

EL070 English Course 1                                                                                   0 (3-0-6)

EL171 English Course 2                                                                                   3 (3-0-6)

EL172 English Course 3                                                                                   3 (3-0-6)

            General Education courses part II

                       PY211 General Psychology                                                                              3 (3-0-6)

                                BA291 Introduction of Business                                                                       3 (3-0-6)

TU155 Elementary Statistics                                                                             3 (3-0-6)


Specialized courses

Subjects                                                                                     Credits

                                                                                                 (Lecture-Lab-Self study)

                Fundamental science  and mathematics   courses

SC111 Biology 1                                                                                                 3 (3-0-6)

SC123 Fundamental Chemistry                                                                       3 (3-0-6)                       

SC 125 General Organic Chemistry                                                                               3 (3-0-6)           

SC136 Physics                                                                                                    3 (3-0-6)

SC161 Biology Laboratory 1                                                                             1 (0-3-0)

SC173 Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory                                                  1 (0-3-0)

SC 175 General Organic Chemistry Laboratory                                          1 (0-3-0)

SC186 Physics Laboratory                                                                                1 (0-3-0)

MA 218 Calculus for Sciences I                                                       3 (3-0-6)

CM 228 Analytical Chemistry                                                                             3 (2-3-1)

                Fundamental Health Science Courses

MD011 Fundamental Anatomy                                                                          3 (2-2-5)               

MT200 Introduction to Microbiology                                                                2 (2-0-4)               

MT210 Physiology and Pathophysiology 1                                                    2 (2-0-4)

MT211 Physiology and Pathophysiology 2                                                    2 (2-0-4)

MT230 Biochemistry for Allied Health Sciences                                           3 (3-0-6)

MT324 Pharmacology in Medical Technology                                              1 (1-0-2)

Major Course

MT201 Medical Parasitology                                                                             3 (3-0-6)

MT202 Medical Parasitology Laboratory                                                        1 (0-3-0)                               

MT231 Clinical Chemistry 1                                                                               3 (3-0-6)

MT232 Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 1                                                          1 (0-3-0)

MT250 Principle and Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments                 1 (1-0-2)

MT300 Medical Bacteriology                                                                            2 (2-0-4)

MT301 Medical Bacteriology Laboratory                                                        1 (0-3-0)

MT304 Clinical Microbiology                                                                            1 (1-0-2)

MT305 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory                                                        1 (0-3-0)

MT306 Medical Virology and Mycology                                                          2 (2-0-4)

MT307 Medical Virology and Mycology Laboratory                                      1 (0-3-0)

MT311 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 1                                                   1 (1-0-2)

MT312 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 2                                                   1 (1-0-2)

MT320 Clinical Hematology 1                                                                           3 (3-0-6)

MT321 Clinical Hematology Laboratory 1                                                      1 (0-3-0)

MT322 Clinical Hematology 2                                                                           3 (3-0-6)

MT323 Clinical Hematology Laboratory 2                                                      1 (0-3-0)

MT334 Clinical Chemistry 2                                                                               3 (3-0-6)

MT335 Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 2                                                          1 (0-3-0)

MT336 Human Genetics                                                                                    1 (1-0-2)

MT340 Transfusion Medicine 1                                                                        3 (3-0-6)

MT341 Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 1                                                    1 (0-3-0)

MT342 Clinical Immunology                                                                              3 (3-0-6)

MT343 Clinical Immunology Laboratory                                                         1 (0-3-0)

MT372 Clinical Microscopy                                                                               1 (1-0-2)

MT373 Clinical Microscopy Laboratory                                                          1 (0-3-0)

MT380 Research Methodology and Biostatistics                                          1 (1-0-2)

MT410 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 3                                                   1 (1-0-2)

MT430 Clinical Toxicology                                                                                                1 (1-0-2)

MT431 Molecular Diagnosis of Human Diseases                                         2 (1-3-2)

MT440 Transfusion Medicine 2                                                                        1 (1-0-2)

MT441 Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 2                                                    1 (0-3-0)

MT462 Medical Laboratory Management                                                       1 (1-0-2)

MT464 Professional Law and Ethics                                                               1 (1-0-2)

MT481 Research Project in Medical Technology                                         2 (0-6-0)

MT484 Medical Technology Seminar                                                             1 (1-0-2)

MT490 Professional Practices in Clinical Laboratory                                 6 (0-30-6)

                                MT492 Community Medicine for Allied Health Sciences                            1 (0-3-0)

                Selected minor  courses                                                                                                  

                selection of studying for 2 subject 4 credits from

                MT308 Environmental Microbiology                                                                2 (2-0-4)

                                MT337 Cell and Molecular Biology for Allied  Health Sciences                                2 (2-0-4)

MT400 Antimicrobial Agents and Drug Resistance                                     1 (1-0-2)

MT401 Molecular Microbiology and its Applications                                   1 (1-0-2)

                                MT432 Genetic Engineering and Bioinformatics                                         2 (2-0-4)

selected  the other faculty courses                 

                        EL212 English for Job Applications                                                                               3 (3-0-6)

                        EL296 English for Academic Purposes 1                                                      3 (3-0-6)

Elective subjects

                                Selection of studying at least 6 credits from university courses include general subjects (languages courses) except

                                1. Basic science and mathematics subjects (include subjects that not assign in general subjects part 2)

                                2. Subjects in general subject both of part 1 and 2 that uses ďTUÖĒ
                                3. TH162 Report Writing and TH163 Communicative Writing in the Organization






Study plan


First year

First semester

Second semester

TH161 Thai Usage                     

3 credits

EL172 English Course 3

3 credits

EL171 English Course 2                       

3 credits

TU110 Integrated Humanities             

3 credits

TU130 Integrated Sciences and Technology 

3 credits

TU120 Integrated Social Sciences                                            

3 credits

SC111 Biology 1

3 credits

SC 125 General Organic Chemistry

3 credits

SC123 Fundamental Chemistry

3 credits

SC 175 General Organic Chemistry Laboratory

1 credits

SC136 Physics

3 credits

PY211 General Psychology

3 credits

SC161 Biology Laboratory 1

3 credits

Elective subject                                            

3 credits

SC173 Fundamental Chemistry


1 credits

Elective subject                                            

3 credits

SC186 Physics Laboratory

1 credits



21 credits


22 credits



Second year

First semester

Second semester

BA291 Introduction of Business

3 credits

TU155 Elementary Statistics

3 credits

TU153 General Concept of Computer

3 credits

EL 296 English for Academic Purposes 1          

3 credits

MD011 Fundamental Anatomy

3 credits

MA 218 Calculus for Sciences I

3 credits

CM 228 Analytical Chemistry


3 credits

MT201 Medical Parasitology

3 credits

MT200 Introduction to Microbiology


2 credits

MT202 Medical Parasitology Laboratory           

1 credits

MT210 Physiology and Pathophysiology 1             

2 credits

MT211 Physiology and Pathophysiology 2             

2 credits

MT230 Biochemistry for Allied Health Sciences

3 credits

MT231 Clinical Chemistry 1

3 credits


MT232 Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 1        

1 credits

MT250 Principle and Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments          

1 credits


19 credits


20 credits
















Third year

First semester

Second semester

MT300 Medical Bacteriology

2 credits

MT304 Clinical Microbiology

3 credits

MT301 Medical Bacteriology Laboratory           

1 credits

MT305 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory           

3 credits

MT311 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 1              

1 credits

MT306 Medical Virology and Mycology              

3 credits

MT320 Clinical Hematology 1

3 credits

MT307 Medical Virology and Mycology Laboratory

3 credits

MT321 Clinical Hematology Laboratory 1        

1 credits

MT312 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 2              

1 credits

MT324 Pharmacology in Medical Technology

1 credits

MT322 Clinical Hematology 2


3 credits

MT334 Clinical Chemistry 2

3 credits

MT323 Clinical Hematology Laboratory 2        

3 credits

MT335 Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 2

1 credits

MT340 Transfusion Medicine 1


3 credits

MT336 Human Genetics

1 credits

MT341 Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 1        

1 credits

MT372 Clinical Microscopy

1 credits

MT342 Clinical Immunology

1 credits

MT373 Clinical Microscopy Laboratory           

1 credits

MT343 Clinical Immunology Laboratory           

1 credits

Select  2 credits from

MT308 Environmental Microbiology


2 credits

MT380 Research Methodology and Biostatistics

1 credits

MT337 Cell and Molecular Biology for Allied  Health Sciences

2 credits




18 credits


19 credits









Fourth year

First semester

Second semester

MT410 Clinical Correlation Case Studies 3              

1 credits

MT490 Professional Practices in Clinical Laboratory

6  credits

MT430 Clinical Toxicology               

1 credits



MT431 Molecular Diagnosis of Human Diseases

2 credits



MT440 Transfusion Medicine 2       

1 credits



MT441 Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 2        

1 credits



MT462 Medical Laboratory Management

1 credits



MT464 Professional Law and Ethics

1 credits



MT481 Research Project in Medical Technology         

2 credits



MT484 Medical Technology Seminar

1 credits



MT492 Community Medicine for Allied Health Sciences     

1 credits



EL212 English for Job Applications               

3 credits



Select  2 credits from

MT400 Antimicrobial Agents and Drug Resistance


1 credits



MT401 Molecular Microbiology and its Applications                                     

1 credits



MT432 Genetic Engineering and Bioinformatics

2 credits




15 credits


6  credits








Courses description

General Education courses part 1

TU110 Integrated Humanities                                                       3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite:  None

                To study the history of human beings in different periods, reflecting their beliefs, ideas, intellectual and creative development.  To instill analytical thinking, with an awareness of the problems that humanities are confronting, such as the impacts of: technological development, violence, wars, and various world crises so that we can live well in a changing world.


            TU120 Integrated Social Sciences                                                            3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                This interdisciplinary course focuses on the fact that social sciences play an important role for society.  The course explains the origins of the social sciences and the modern world, the separation of social sciences from pure sciences, and the acceptance of the scientific paradigm for the explanation of social phenomenon. It also involves the analysis of important disciplines, concepts, and major theories of social sciences by pointing out strengths and weaknesses of each one. Included is the analysis of contemporary social problems, using knowledge and various perspectives individual, group, macro-social, national and world perspectives to view those problems.


            TU130 Integrated Sciences and Technology                                  3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                To study basic concepts in science, scientific theory and philosophies. Standard methods for scientific investigations. Important evolutions of science and technology influencing human lives as well as the impacts of science and technology on economies, societies and environments. Current issues involving the impacts of science and technology on moral, ethics and human values.


            TU152 Fundamental Mathematics                                                 3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite: This course is for students who have already studied mathematics in high school and have gained not less than ŮŲ credits or as demanded by their faculty.

                To prove logical rules, methods of proofs, arguments, mathematical induction, proofs of theorems of inequalities and absolute values, inequalities solving, functions, type of functions, applications of functions, curve sketching, partial fractions decomposition, solving of simple systems of linear equations.





            TU153 General Concepts of Computer                                          3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                To study the essential components of computer systems including hardware, software, data and its processing; basic data communication, network and the Internet, principles of problem solving using computers and software packages, security, ethics and laws related to computer usage and information systems.


            TU154 Foundation of Mathematics                                                            3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                To prove logical rules, methods of proofs, quantifiers, arguments, mathematical induction, structure of the real number system, binomial theorem and multinomial theorem, translation of axes, rotation of axes and sketching of graphs of conic sections, curve sketching, increasing functions and decreasing functions, partial fractions decomposition, introduction to number theory.


            TU156 Introduction to Computers and Programming                                   3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite:  None

                Basic concepts of computer systems, electronic data processing concepts, system and application software, algorithms, flowcharts, data representation, program design and development methodology, problem solving using high-level language programming.


            TH161 Thai Usage                                                                      3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                Thai language usage skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking, with emphases on drawing the main idea, communicating knowledge, thoughts and composing properly.


            EL070 English Course 1                                                              0 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite: Language Institute placement

                A non-credit course designed for those students with low English command and unable to enroll directly into English Foundation Course (The assessment criteria are ĎSí for Satisfactory or ĎUí for Unsatisfactory and will not be counted towards the studentsí total credits and GPA). 

                A preparatory course designed to enable students to cope up with real English use of four basic integrated skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


            EL171 English Course 2                                                              3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite: Have earned credits of EL 070 or Language Institute placement

                An intermediate English course designed to promote four integrated skills to develop studentsí English proficiency at a higher level.

            EL172 English Course 3                                                              3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  Have earned credits of EL171 or Language Institute placement

                An upper-intermediate English course to enable students to use integrated skills at a more sophisticated level than the prior course especially in speaking and writing.


                                General Education courses part 2

            PY211 General Psychology                                                         3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite:  None

                Human behavior by scientific methods. The course will cover the biological background of human behavior, growth and development, learning and thinking motivation, emotion, perception, intelligence, personality and social behavior.


                BA291 Introduction to Business                                                    3 (3-0-6) 

                Prerequisite:  None

                Business stituations types of business owners, business administration, quantitative tools for management, production business activities, marketing, finance and personnel management, small business management and work performance in large organizations.


TU155 Elementary Statistics                                                         3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite:  None

To identify the Nature of statistical problems; review of descriptive statistics; probability;  random variables and some probability distributions (binomial, poison and normal) ; elementary sampling and sampling distributions; estimation and  hypotheses testing for one and two populations; one-way analysis of variance; simple linear regression and correlation; chi-square test.


Specialized courses

Fundamental Science Courses

            SC111 Biology 1                                                                                    3 (3-0-6)                                               

                Prerequisite:  None

                Fundamental biological concepts of animals, structures and basic metabolic processes of animal at molecular; cell; tissue; organ; system; and individual levels, structures and functions of nucleic acids in genetic inheritance, animal classifications, growth and development, behavior, evolution, and ecology of animals.





            SC123 Fundamental Chemistry                                                     3 (-3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

            Atomic theory, electronic structure of atoms, properties of elements and periodic trends, chemical bonding, atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals, molecular geometry, coordination complexes, nuclear chemistry, stoichiometry, states of matter,  types of chemical reactions, solutions and colloids, chemical equilibrium,  electrochemistry, chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, basic organic chemistry and environmental chemistry.


                SC 125 Basic Organic Chemistry                                                  3 (-3-0-6)

                Hybridization, nomenclature and properties of organic compounds, stereochemistry, reaction and mechanism of organic compounds, hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethers, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines, carbohydrates, lipids  and  amino acids.


SC136 Physics                                                                           3 (3-0-6)

                Prerequisite:  None

                Principles of mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves, optics, modern physics, applications in health science and medical science.


            SC161 Biology Laboratory 1                                                        1 (0-3-0)

                Prerequisite:  Have earned credits of SC111 or currently taking SC111

                Laboratory approaches in Biology 1.


            SC173 Fundamental Chemistry Laboratory                                     1 (0-3-0)                                               

                Prerequisite: Have earned credits of SC123 or currently taking SC123

  Experiments related to contents in SC123


            SC 175 Basic Organic Chemistry Laboratory                             1 (0-3-0)           

Prerequisite: Have earned credits of SC 125 or taking SC 125 in the same semester

                Experiments related to the contents in SC 125


            SC186 Physics Laboratory                                                           1 (0-3-0)

                Prerequisite:  None

Laboratory practices involving measurement and errors, motion, mirrors and lenses, sound waves, electric fields, electrical instruments, gas laws and modern physics.




                MA 218  Calculus for Science 1                                                   3 (3-0-6)

                Limits and continuity of functions, derivatives of algebraic functions and transcendental functions, the chain rule, derivative of implicit functions, higher order derivatives, Rollís theorem, the mean valued theorem, applications of derivative, differential and its applications, antiderivatives, indefinite integrals, techniques of integration, definite integral and geometric and physical applications of integral.

                Note : There is no credit for students who studying or Have earned credits of MA111 or MA211 or MA216


                CM 228  Analytical Chemistry                                                                            3 (2-3-4)

                Prerequisite: Have earned credits of  SC 123

Concentration Units, Computational in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Methods Consideration, Sampling Techniques, Gravimetric Analysis, Acid-Base Equilibria and Buffers Preparation, Acid-Base Titration, Complexation Titration, Redox Titration, Precipitation Titration, Electrochemical Analysis and Basic Chromatographic Analytical technique. (For non-chemistry students)


Fundamental Health Science Courses

                MD 011  Fundamental Anatomy                                                    3 (2-2-5

                Human body structure; differentiate and function of tissues and organs system including functions of growth; production and recovery of various organs in growth and physical changing from conception to elderly.


                MT 200  Introduction to Microbiology                                            2 (2-0-4)           

                Prerequisite: SC 111 and SC 161

                Basic knowledge in biology, physiology and taxonomy of medically important microorganisms. Basic practice on the diagnostic procedures in medical technology laboratory, including the physical and biological effects of the microorganisms on human and environment.


                MT 210  Physiology and Pathophysiology 1                                               2 (2-0-4)

                Prerequisite: SC 111  MD 011 or study with  MD 011

Basic principles of physiology and pathology. Inflammation and repair, cell injury, necrosis, degenerations and infiltrations, granulomatous inflammations, immunopathology, growth disorders, neoplasia and hemodynamic (circulatory) disorders. An introduction to physiology and pathophysiology. Normal functional and pathological states of the immune system, hematologic, nervous, musculoskeletal, integumentary, genital and endocrine systems.






                MT 211  Physiology and Pathophysiology 2                                               2 (2-0-4)

                Prerequisite:  MT 210

The human body foundation focusing on normal functional and pathological states of all major body  systems. A disruption of normal homeostatic mechanisms that progressed beyond the normal

compensatory capabilities of the human body. General concepts of disease, including etiology, pathogenesis, morphology, molecular basis of disease and clinical significance. Biological basis of common clinical disease applied in a system oriented approach to disease processes affecting cardiovascular system, lymph nodes and lymphoid tissue, respiratory system, urinary system, gastrointestinal system, hepatobiliary system and pancreas.


                MT 230  Biochemistry for Allied Health Sciences                            3 (3-0-6)           

                Prerequisite:  SC 111 and SC 123  

                Fundamentals of biochemistry: properties and structures of biological compounds; enzymology. Metabolisms of biomolecules including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, enzymes and hormones.


                MT 324  Pharmacology for Medical Technology                             (1-0-2)
                Prerequisite: MT 200 MT 230 MT 210 and MT  211 or study with  MT 211 

Basic pharmacology and pharmacokinetics with the primary focus on the pharmacological actions of drugs on the major integrated systems of the body: analgesic and anesthetic drugs, muscle relaxants, drugs for cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, gastrointestinal and immune systems. Cancer chemotherapy, antimicrobial and antiparasitic drugs.


Major Courses

                MT 201 Medical  Parasitology                                                      3 (3-0-6) 

                Prerequisite: MT 200

                Introduction to biology of medically important parasites including their vectors, protozoa, helminths, and arthropods. The host-parasite interaction, life cycle, transmission, pathogenesis, host immune response to parasitic infections and laboratory diagnosis by immunological and molecular biological methods, epidemiology and prevention.


            MT 202  Medical Parasitology Laboratory                                      1 (0-3-0)

                Prerequisite: MT 200

                The basic principle of laboratory diagnosis, identification and classification of various stages of parasites (adult, larva, egg) and arthropods. Examination practice on direct wet smear, concentration technique, immunological and molecular diagnosis. Interesting case studies presented by the students at the end of the course.




            MT 231  Clinical Chemistry 1                                                        3 (3-0-6)           

                Prerequisite: SC 125  CM 228  MT 230 and MT 211  or study with  MT 211

            Biochemical changes related to pathogenesis in organs, analysis in clinical chemistry and the applications for diagnosis, therapeutic monitoring, prevention and health promotion. Basic principles for analytical methods metabolism and normal and abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, hormones, electrolytes, blood pH, function of gastrointestinal system and kidney.


                MT 232  Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 1                                                     1 (0-3-0) 

                Prerequisite: SC 173 and SC 175

Analysis in clinical chemistry laboratories, consisting of instrument operation, specimen  collection, analytical methods using colorimetric, enzymatic, end point and kinetic assay, pre-analytical factors affecting analysis, problem solving and analysis of biomolecules, consisting of glucose, proteins, enzymes, lipids, urea, creatinine and electrolytes.


                MT 250 Principle and Maintenance of  Laboratory Instruments         1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite:  None

            Principle, maintenance and management of basic instruments in laboratory.


                MT300 Medical Bacteriology                                                        2 (2-0-4)           

                Prerequisite: MT 200

            An introduction to morphology, biology and physiology of medically important bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria with respects to their associated clinical syndromes, epidemiology, mechanisms of infection, prevention and control.  Biochemical and serological criteria for the classification of bacteria, including the routine methods used for isolation and identification in clinical microbiology laboratory.


            MT301 Medical Bacteriology Laboratory                                        1 (0-3-0)           

                Prerequisite: MT 200

            Routine practice in medical bacteriology laboratories including cultivation, isolation and identification of medically important bacteria, sterile techniques, medium preparation and quality control.


                MT 304 Clinical Microbiology                                                                         1 (1-0-2)

                Prerequisite: MT 211  MT 300 and MT 301

            Microbial infections of the body systems, including water and food contamination. Pathogenic microorganisms and pathogenesis, clinical signs and symptoms, epidemiology, principles and methods for specimen collections and transports, principles and techniques in clinical laboratories for isolation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms and antimicrobial sensitivity testing. 

                MT 305 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory                                       1 (0-3-0)           

                Prerequisite: MT 211  MT 300 and MT 301

            Practices in clinical laboratories: specimen collection, isolation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms present in the body systems, water and food with emphasis on identification techniques using biochemical and serology characteristics. Techniques in antimicrobial sensitivity testing for pathogenic microorganisms.


                MT  306  Medical Virology and Mycology                                      2 (2-0-4)           

                Prerequisite: MT 200 and MT 211

            Medically important viruses and fungi, their biological properties, structure, classification, pathogenesis, mechanisms of pathogenicity, prevention, control and laboratory diagnosis aspects, specimen collection and transportation. 


            MT  307  Medical Virology and Mycology Laboratory                      1 (0-3-0)

                Prerequisite: MT 200 and MT 211

Routine practice in clinical laboratories for diagnosis of diseases caused by medically important viruses and fungi. Specialized diagnostic techniques for certain medically important viral and fungal infections.


            MT 311  Clinical Correlation Case Studies 1                                  1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite : MT 211 MT 334 MT 320 and MT 372 or study with MT 334  MT 320 and MT 372  

                Diagnosis and prevention of the diseases using laboratory testing in normal and abnormal statuses. Disease diagnosis obtained by patientís history, physical examination and laboratory testing including pathological findings of the patients in various diseases, blood testing. Problem based learning by studentsí group discussion on patientsí problems from case studies.


            MT 312  Clinical Correlation Case Studies 2                                  1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite:  MT 304 MT 306 and MT 342 or study with MT 304  MT 306  and MT 342

                Diagnosis and prevention of the diseases using laboratory testing in normal and abnormal statuses. Disease diagnosis obtained by patientís history, physical examination and laboratory testing including pathological findings of the patients in various diseases, blood testing. Problem based learning by studentsí group discussion on patientsí problems from case studies.







            MT 320  Clinical Hematology 1                                                     3 (3-0-6)           

                Prerequisite: MT 230  and MT 211

Principles of hematology in health and diseases, including hematopoietic system, development, function and metabolism of blood cells, normal and abnormal morphology of erythrocytes and leukocytes associated with pathological findings with an emphasis on anemia, leukemia and other blood cell diseases.  Principles and theory of automatic blood cell analysis instrument used for hematological analysis and laboratory quality control. Analysis and discussion on clinical cases with major defects in hematopoietic system.


            MT 321   Clinical Hematology Laboratory 1                                                1 (0-3-0)

                Prerequisite:  SC 161 and MT 320 or study with MT 320

                Practices in clinical hematology laboratories, blood collection from vein and finger tip, sample preparation, routine blood cell counting, identification and differentiation by morphology of erythrocytes and leukocytes for diagnosis of various blood cell diseases. Practices on automatic blood cells analysis, validation and analysis of the blood indices in various blood cell disease cases.


            MT 322  Clinical Hematology 2                                                     3 (3-0-6)           

                Prerequisite: MT 320

                Abnormal functions of leukocytes, hemostasis coagulation factors, platelet function and bleeding disorders, as well as correlations of clinical disorders and laboratory findings, which are presented as case studies and group discussion. Principle of automatic coagulogram analysis instrument, result analysis and quality control.


            MT 323  Clinical Hematology Laboratory 2                                     1 (0-3-0)           

                Prerequisite: MT 321

Laboratory testing for leukocyte abnormalities, classifications of leukemia, result validation and correlation with abnormal cases, as well as quality assurance in hematology laboratories. Tests for abnormal coagulation and clinical correlation.


            MT 334  Clinical Chemistry 2                                                        3 (3-0-6)
                Prerequisite: MT 231    

                Biochemical changes related to pathogenesis in organs and analysis in clinical chemistry, for disease diagnosis, therapeutic monitoring, prevention and health promotion. Principles of automation, metabolism and abnormalities of enzymes, nutrients, tumor markers, biochemical changes in pregnant women and newborns, liver and cardiac function test, test result interpretation and quality assurance in clinical chemistry.


            MT 335  Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 2                                        1 (0-3-0)
                Prerequisite: MT 232    

            Analysis in clinical chemistry laboratories, consisting of quality assurance, internal and external quality control, preparation of control materials, solving problems occurred in pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases, methods for validation and evaluation, analysis of biomolecules and test result interpretation, concerning on liver, renal, heart, pancreas and the gastrointestinal system as well as other special tests in clinical chemistry laboratories.


            MT 336 Human Genetics                                                             1 (1-0-2)

                Prerequisite: SC111 and SC161

An introduction to basic genetic principles at molecular level, structure and function of chromosomes, human heredity, chromosomal aberrations, gene action, mutations, human genetic diseases, diagnosis of genetic diseases, and gene therapy strategies.


            MT 340  Transfusion Medicine 1                                                   3 (3-0-6)           

                Prerequisite: MT 211  MT 320 and MT 342 or study with  MT 342

                Blood group genetics, immunology of blood groups, clinical significance for blood group typing, antiglobulin test, antibody screening test and antibody identification, pretransfusion testing, blood donation and blood components, adverse events of blood transfusion, hemolytic disease of the newborn, transplantation and quality assurance in blood banking. Learning process by case studies, self-directed learning and information searching.


            MT 341  Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 1                                   1 (0-3-0)           

                Prerequisite: MT 211, MT  320 and MT  340 or study with MT  340

                Laboratory practice in analysis of blood group genetics, immunology of blood groups, clinical significance of blood group typing, antiglobulin testing, antibody screening test and antibody identification, pretransfusion testing, blood donation and blood component preparation, hemapheresis, administration of blood and blood components, adverse events of blood transfusion, hemolytic disease of the newborns, transplantation, quality assurance in blood banking. Learning process by practicing from case studies, self-directed learning and information searching.


            MT 342  Clinical  Immunology                                                      3 (3-0-6)  

                Prerequisite: MT 230

                An introduction to the body systems in association with normal and pathological conditions. Cells and components of the immune system, the development of immune system, mode of immune response, and immune system in health and disease. Mechanisms of hypersensitivity, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, tumor immunology and responses to infections.



            MT 343  Clinical Immunology Laboratory                                       1 (0-3-0)           

                Prerequisite: MT 230 and MT 342 or study with MT 342 

                Practices and demonstrations on principles and applications of immunodiagnostic methods, e.g. precipitation, agglutination, complement fixation, enzyme immunoassay, immunofluorescence, etc.


            MT 372  Clinical Microscopy                                                        1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite: MT 211

                Structure and function of the urinary system, principles of urinalysis, urine preservation, interpretation of urinalysis automation and quality control, pathology and pathophysiology and analysis of semen and other secretions; cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, amniotic fluid, effusion fluid. Principles of pregnancy test. Correlations between the patientís symptoms and microscopy results by using case studies and advanced technology for clinical microscopy.


            MT 373  Clinical Microscopy Laboratory                                        1 (0-3-0) 

                Prerequisite: MT 211 and MT 372 or study with MT 372 

                Clinical practices in urinalysis and preservation of secretions/excretions: urine, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, effusion fluid, amniotic fluid, semen.  Pregnancy test, urinalysis quality control.


            MT 380  Research Methodology and Biostatistics                           1 (1-0-2)           

            Prerequisite: TU 155

                Basic research methodology involved in the selected research topic process, hypothesis, review literature, experimental design, ethics, research proposal writing, biostatistic analysis, data analysis, research report writing, research presentation.


            MT 410  Clinical Correlation Case Studies 3                                  1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite: MT 312

Diagnosis and prevention of the diseases using laboratory testing in normal and abnormal statuses. Disease diagnosis obtained by patientís history, physical examination and laboratory testing including pathological findings of the patients in various diseases, blood testing. Problem-based learning by studentsí group discussion on patientsí problems from case studies.


            MT 430  Clinical Toxicology                                                         1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite: MT 334

Classifications of toxicants, toxicokinetics, mechanism of toxication, body response and pathogenesis caused by toxicants, principles and analytical methods of toxicants in body secretions, specimen collection and storage, including test result interpretation in toxicology laboratories.


            MT 431  Molecular Diagnosis of  Human Diseases                          2 (1-3-2)           

                Prerequisite : MT 304, MT 306, MT 334, MT 322 and MT 372

                Basic principles of molecular biology, essentials of molecular biology for medical diagnosis. Molecular biology techniques and result interpretation for diagnosis of genetic diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, forensic science and paternity testing.


            MT 440  Transfusion Medicine 2                                                   1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite : MT 340  

                Blood transfusion and transplantation, hemapheresis, adverse events in blood transfusion, special techniques and automated machine testing in blood banking.


            MT 441  Transfusion Medicine Laboratory 2                                   1 (0-3-0)           

            Prerequisite : MT 341 and MT 440 or study with MT 440 

                Case studies in hemapheresis, stem cell and solid organ transplantation, blood and blood components administration, adverse events in blood transfusion, special techniques and automated machine testing in blood banking.


            MT 462  Medical Laboratory Management                                     1 (1-0-2)           

            Prerequisite : BA 291 and TU 153

                Principles of administration and management in medical laboratory including structure and organization, clinical data management, quality assurance, biological safety, waste disposal and budget planning.          


                MT 464  Professional Law and Ethics                                            1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite:  None

                Acts, ministrial regulations, obligations and laws concerning medical technology career, and other public-health laws, including ethics, rights, roles and responsibilities of medical technologists.


            MT 481  Research Project in Medical Technology                          2 (0-6-0)           

                Prerequisite : MT 304  MT 306  MT 334  MT 322  MT 340 and MT 372   

Research conducting by students using various techniques and resources available under the guidance of research advisors.  Writing a research proposal and conducting research study or experiments and analyzing the research data.  Paper reporting and oral presentation at the conclusion of the project.


            MT 484 Medical Technology Seminar                                           1 (1-0-2)

                Prerequisite : MT 304  MT 306  MT 334  MT 322  MT 340 and  MT 372   

Analysis and summary of papers in the field of medical science under the supervision of advisors.  Research paper assignment and presentation as well as participation in the class discussion.

            MT 490  Professional Practices in Clinical Laboratory                      6 (0-30-6)

                Prerequisite :  Completed all major subjects in medical technology

Practices in the application of laboratory theory and techniques in clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, serology, microscopy, parasitology, immuno-hematology and blood banking with an emphasis on specimen preparation and examination, instrumentation, reporting of results, management of data and quality control. Students also gain experiences in laboratory systems, dealing with patients and studying how the clinical laboratory practitioners working in relation with the entire medical team and the community.   


            MT492 Community Medicine for Allied Health Sciences                   1 (1-3-0)

                Prerequisite:  None

                Visiting a community in order to survey and analyze the health problems in community in relation to medical technology, including application of medical technology for health promotion, prevention, monitor and solving the health problems in the community.



            MT 308  Environmental Microbiology                                             2 (2-0-4)           

                Prerequisite: MT 200

The role of microorganisms to balance or changes ecosystems, including tolerance and mechanisms of pathogenic microorganisms living outside the host. Microbiological and molecular biological techniques for remedy of environmental pollutions.  Microorganisms and microbial ecology, contamination and spoilage, disease and pathogen.


            MT 337  Cell and Molecular Biology  for Allied Health Sciences       2 (2-0-4)           

                Prerequisite: MT  230  and  CM  228   

Cell structure and function at the molecular level. The roles that biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids play in the molecular biology of metabolic regulation. The clinical and molecular nature of cancer, recombinant genetic engineering of plasmid DNA, transfections, DNA cloning, eukaryotic cells, the manipulation of bacteria and virus in cell culture.


            MT 400  Antimicrobial Agents and Drug Resistance                                    1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite: MT 300

                Characteristics, structure, classification, mechanism of action, therapy selection and monitoring, resistance mechanisms, and laboratory diagnosis using biological and molecular techniques of antimicrobial agents.





            MT 401  Molecular Microbiology and Applications                          1 (1-0-2)           

                Prerequisite: MT 300 and MT 304

                Molecular techniques and theirs applications for diagnosis, detection of antibiotic resistance and epidemiology of microorganisms.


            MT 432   Genetic Engineering and Bioinformatics                          2 (2-0-4)

                Prerequisite : MT 337

Basic principles and techniques in genetic engineering and bioinformatics, including DNA and RNA extraction, DNA amplification by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA digestion and ligation, gene cloning, quantification of nucleic acids, analysis of gene expression using molecular techniques. Applications of programs for browsing and analyzing bioengineering information.


selected  the other faculty courses        

EL212   English for Job Applications                                            3 (3-0-6)

PrerequisiteHave earned credits of EL 172

Practising English communicative skills relating to job applications, reading job openings from various sources, writing application letters and résumés, practising job interviews, enlarging vocabulary and expressions used in job application. 


            EL296   English for Academic Purposes 1                                     3  (3-0-6)

                PrerequisiteHave earned credits of EL 172

                Improving the studentsí speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English for academic purposes, note-taking, writing a definition, describing a process, giving an instruction, reporting an experiment, identifying cause and effect and comparison and contrast.

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